Members: How to enter the Club Qualifying Competitions

Dear Members,

The good news is that the Committee has decided to run Qualifying Competitions again starting next Saturday (20th June).

In order to abide by the Return to Golf Protocol agreed by the GUI/Executive and due to the fact that we have no access to the Clubhouse, it has been necessary to change the methods that we use to deal with competition entry, competition fees and entering scores. These will now have to be done online to prevent handling of cards or money.

For the next few weeks Saturday competitions will take place over two days (Saturday/Sunday) to allow more members to play. But obviously you can only enter the competition on one of the days and only that score may be entered.
In order to take part in competitions each member must lodge an initial sum of £32 (8 Saturday competitions) by Bank Transfer into the following Club account.
Sort Code: 95-04-31 Account No. 33818993
It is important that your Name or GUI No. is on your transaction to allow us to identify who has paid.

If really necessary, members may also post cheques to the Hon. Treasurer (Bob Tweedale, 13 Tobergill Gardens, Antrim, BT41 1AW)  but it is the responsibility of the member to ensure that it will arrive well before the first competition they wish to enter.

Members will not be able to enter the competition if the Match and Handicap Secretary has not been informed by the Hon Treasurer that fees have been paid beforehand.

Comprehensive step by step instructions about how to enter competitions and to enter scores have been posted on the Club’s website. Click this link   for direct access.

Contact Victor Watson at  to get an initial password for the system and then change to one of your own choosing.

You must enter the competition before starting your round and ensure there are sufficient funds to pay the fee, otherwise your score will not be accepted.
Before returning scores, members of the playing group must verify each other’s scores.

At all times it is important that members abide by the safety measures outlined in the Protocol. Not to do so may result in disciplinary action.

Stay safe.

Kenny Lee
(Hon. Secretary)

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