Clubhouse Notice Boards and Captain’s Day Update

Now that the Clubhouse is open again, members, old and new, should acquaint themselves with the various notices regarding Club Rules and Regulations, Fixture List, Inter-Club team information, WHS handicap conversion information etc. that can be found on the various notice boards.

We will still be sending out some information by email but will also post notices on the boards as we did pre Covid.

I would also remind members of the requirement of having played at least 4 qualifying competitions to take part in Captain’s Day.

14. To be eligible to play on Captain’s Day, Members must have returned a card from at least four handicap qualifying competitions prior to Captain’s Day.

To be eligible to play on President’s Day, Members must have returned a card from at least eight handicap qualifying competitions prior to President’s Day.

Also regarding Captain’s Day, members should ensure that they have ample funds in their competition accounts.

As previously mentioned the cost of the Captain’s Day competition will be £7.00 (this includes a complimentary burger at the 10th tee box. Other refreshments may also be available at the members own cost).

There will be a Starter, who will check off members before they go out to play and issue each member with a ticket that they must exchange for the burger.

It has also been decided that for this year, due to continuing Covid restrictions, the Prize presentations will take place the following Saturday (3rd July) at 4.00pm. Hopefully this will allow for a full turnout of prize winners.

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