IMPORTANT NOTICE re Personal Golfer’s Insurance

Dear Member,

The Club has just been informed that Aon, the company that provided our Personal Golfer’s Insurance will no longer be providing that policy.

Therefore as of yesterday, 1st April, you no longer have this cover. (Stolen clubs, Hole in One bar bill, certain payments for injuries etc.)

The Club will be looking into getting another provider, if possible, but there appear to be few companies that provide a blanket cover for all club members as Aon did.

Our search has been hampered by the Easter holidays, with companies already contacted, off until Tuesday.

If we cannot get cover for all members, it will be necessary for members to purchase their own insurance individually.

I apologise for the late notice but I only received this information after I was able to obtain the Club’s post yesterday when the Centre reopened.

I will keep you updated when I get further information.

Yours faithfully,



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