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Morning All

The new trolley clean down point will be started tomorrow along with a fence at the side of the club.  I have ordered some trees to line the area between the car park and the practice putting area at back of the 18th green.   I have also ordered 40 trees to plant out the mound between the 10th Green and 18th Tee box.

I walked the course last week with the guys and made a list of areas that the Green keepers will focus on this year.

  1. Clearly identify staked Trees and remove old plastic guards.
  2. Gorse with be cut back to let it bloom
  3. Debranching will continue.
  4. Area at the back of the 15th Green that floods will have 80 tonnes of soil placed on it to change the landscape to let water drain away.
  5. Bunkers need sand and shaped.
  6. Complete course  will be sprayed for weed.

Lastly, we have secured a new John Deer sprayer  for the Greens and Tees.  This should arrive next week along with the new Tee box  signs.

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  1. Joe says:

    Just like to say that having been a member for some 20 yrs that the course has been in fantastic condition for the past year or so, I’ve always said that our course had a massive potential and it’s great to finally see it , staff and management must take credit for this, and it is great that there is still on going work continuing to be done to improve the course even further. Well done everyone involved .

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